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Bridal Henna

Nilofer kindly provided her bridal mehndi services at my house 2 days before my wedding and I was really pleased with how it turned out and the staining was rich and dark (*the after pictures were a few days after the wedding). She listened to my requests, discussed and drew designs beforehand and had printed out my inspirational images I had emailed to her and was tidy and professional throughout. She even provided aftercare instructions and a balm to apply afterwards. She was great value and very passionate about her work! Thank you Nilofer

Matt Anupa

Bridal Henna

If you want a kind, professional, and AMAZING henna artist, this is the place to come! Her experience is second to none, and this is seen in what she delivers. Her art is absolutely beautiful, and it’s very warming to see that every minute spent on your hand is with consideration, care and most importantly passion!Nilofer loves each and everyone one of her clients and it translates into how much passion she brings into delivering the best results every time. Heavenly henna definitely has my custom and I will be returning for every event!

Zainab Ahmed

Special Request

Amazing henna crown done for me by Nilofer. Excellent design created with me, and brilliant henna stain. Perfect thankyou!

Michelle Holding

Bridal Henna

I had my bridal henna done by the amazing and super talented Nilofer..At the time I was a henna artist myself so my expectations were quite high..She exceeded my expectations and made me feel really comfortable.I would highly recommend her services, she's amazing 👏 😍.

Safia Mughal

Bridal Henna

I had my wedding mendhi done and it was such a lovely experience. She was very accommodating. The mendhi colour was so so good, she uses natural henna which she mixes herself and the colour is beautiful! I would highly recommend!

Areesha Khan

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