Training Courses

Discover the art of Henna with Heavenly Henna's Foundation and Advanced courses. Our Foundation Course provides beginners with a comprehensive introduction to henna, offering extensive knowledge to kickstart your journey. Meanwhile, our Advanced course is tailored for those who have completed the Foundation Course, aiming to enhance skills and achieve professional-level results.

Both courses encompass discussions, theory, live demonstrations, and personalised guidance to ensure optimal learning. Held in intimate settings, with one-to-one or small group sessions of up to three individuals, our courses prioritise student progress and individual attention.

Benefits of our training include:

  • Rapid skill development within a short timeframe
  • Significant improvement in proficiency
  • Targeted learning to address areas of weakness or lack of confidence
  • Establishing a personalised connection with an experienced artist

For inquiries or further information about our training courses, please don't hesitate to contact us below.

Henna Painting Workshop in School

Duration: 2 hours

Workshop content:

  • Basics of henna and its preparation
  • How to make a basic henna cone
  • Applying primary designs, flowers, dots, lines and much more!

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Advanced Henna Art Workshop

For those seeking to expand their expertise and take their art to new heights, our advanced course is tailored for more experienced artists and those who have completed the foundation course. Get in touch today for more information!