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Henna Starter Kit

Henna Starter Kit

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Kickstart your henna journey with our Henna Starter Kit. Complete with everything you need to create your own fresh batch of henna paste and with essential aftercare products, it's perfect for all henna artists.

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This Henna Starter Kit give you everything you need to make your own fresh batch of henna paste at home.

Within the kit comes clear step-by-step instructions making the mixing process easy to learn.

Natural ingredients
Ensuring a gentle experience we provide you with natural and organic ingredients to make your own paste.

Richer colour
The blend of natural ingredients ensures your stain stay beautiful, dark and vibrant.

You could also see our freshly made henna paste.

What's included?

In the kit:

100% organic henna powder (100g)
Eucalyptus Oil (30ml)
10 pre-rolled henna cones
Empty carrot bag
Henna sealant Spray
Henna aftercare Balm

The colour and design of the cones may vary. Pins are not included.



Apply the henna sealant spray once the henna has dried. This ensures that the henna sticks to the skin for longer.

The aftercare balm nourishes and protects your henna design, enabling it to last longer.


Full detailed instructions are provided with the kit.

Storage 📦

Storage instructions for each item are provided with the kit.

Shipping & Returns

UK Delivery: Aftercare products, henna cones and henna pastes will be processed within 7 days as these need to be freshly made. E.g., if you place an order for henna cones on a Monday, your order will be shipped to you on the following Thursday. All other products will be shipped on the Thursday the same week of purchase.

Further questions? For more information on shipping and returns, including international shipping, visit our FAQs page.

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